The Invasion Pt 2 Mutiny takes over Wonderland!


While many of you will be wishing you were in Miami we will be right here having an awesome time! Come join us for a very special edition of Wonderland. Tonight the Mutiny will be taking over for an all night edition of Wonderland!

Lineup for the Night

Dali- Groove Therapy, NYC
Steve Nice- Bass Monster Music, Groove Therapy, NYC
Jack McDevitt- Volume Productions, Providence RI

With White Rabbit djs Jay K The Dj and Damien Paul

In The Lounge
P Kat- Plur Train, Tight Crew- CT
Steppo- Lovewave Music, Bassic - Boston
Sopforic- Mutiny, Beatdown- MA

With White Rabbit Dj Joey C

email [email protected] to get on a $15 reduced list! Must show up before midnight!

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White Rabbit dancers ::
:: Reign ( )
:: Sammy
:: Electrickitty

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Promotional support from East Coast Ravers & Forbidden Bass Crew

Rise has no dress code.
Cosplayers welcome!

Always 18+
  • RISE Club - Boston's After-hours
    306 Stuart St, Boston
  • Friday Mar 23, 2012
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