The Boston Eagle... Leather Invasion!


The Boston Eagle.... Leather Invasion!

For a while now Thom and I have been thinking of doing a leather invasion to the Boston Eagle. Over the years from time to time I have walked in this bar and looked at all the leather history on the walls of this bar. So we were thinking. What would it take to make the Eagle in Boston part of the leather community again? The leather community walking through the door again. That's all it takes really.

So Please join Thom and myself to the Boston Eagle on November 10th at 10PM to closing at:

The Boston Eagle
520 Tremont Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

See you there!


Here is a list of some but not all of the leather club colors that are still on the wall of the Boston Eagle.

Cycle MC
New York City ~ Founded 1968

Boston Riders MC
Boston Massachusetts ~ founded 1984

Falcons MC
Rhode Island ~ Founded 1976

Harbor Masters
Portland, Maine ~ Founded 1982

Long Island Spuds MC
Long Island, New York ~ Founded 1973

Enforcers Rhode Island
(Changed to Enforcers NE)
Founded 1993

Toronto, Canada ~ Founded 1974

Philadelphians MC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ Founded 1974

Rocky Mountaineers MC
Denver, Colorado ~ Founded 1968

Toronto, Canada ~ Founded 1970

Stud MC
New Haven, Connecticut ~ Founded 1978

Trident International
Boston, Massachusetts

Vangards MC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ 1969 ~ 1995

Wheels MC
(later Merged with Chicago MC)
New York City ~ Founded 1969

Boston, MA ~ Founded 1977

New Bedford, MA ~ Founded 1975

Hartford, CT ~ Founded 1971

NYC ~ Founded 1975

Centaur MC
Richmond, VA ~ 1970

Nation Leather Association

Vikings of Boston
Founded February of 1969

Washington D.C
Founded 1970

Roo Bike Club
Australia ~ Founded 1973

2 Leather Davids from Febes bar
1501 Folsom Street
San Francisco, California
Opened 1962 ~ Closed June 15th 1986


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