Yes Homo! LIVE Podcast Recording


Yes Homo! is a brand new podcast on the Women in Comedy Festival Podcast Network. Part live show and part in-depth interview, each episode focuses on one stand out LGBT+ comedian. At this show, we'll be recording the live stand-up sets that will be used in each episode. Come see some of the most hilarious Queer comedians in town for WICF. Because we're here, we're queer, and we're funny as f*ck!

Hosted by Dylan Uscher and Chloé Cunha

Unconventional Lesbians: Cate Gary & Robin Tran
J. Fox Jones (New York)
Mav Viola (Los Angeles)
Teresa Lee (Los Angeles) (MTV, Funny or Die)
Lauren Faber (Durham, NC)
Wendy Berkowitz (St. Paul, MN)
Kendall Farrell (Burlington, VT)


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