Santa Speedo Run Fundraiser!


Yup, fundraising yet again - I think I might be developing a problem! Ill look into counseling I swear.

Next month I will be participating in the famous Santa Speedo Run in Boston. SSRun is a fun and unique event that raises money for Play Ball Foundation. Yes this is the event that requires runners to slip down to their speedos and run through the city street in the freezing cold of December.

The Play Ball Foundations is an organization that has a tremendous impact on Boston’s youth and shares the spirit and enthusiasm that encompasses the SSRun.

Info about Play Ball:
Play Ball Foundation was founded to provide Boston middle school students with a chance to play, and build friendships and character through the lessons of sports - teamwork, communication and discipline. Our mission is to give Boston's inner city children opportunities to engage in athletic activities that will enhance their physical, social and emotional development. With a single goal of Getting More Feet on the Field we work directly with Boston middle schools to understand the needs that our fundraising can address in an easy and timely manner.

No donation is too small and definitely not too large!
Click here to donate:

More info about the SSRun:

Thank you in advance !!!

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