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Little Italy delight
Sunny outdoor dining at this Little Italy favorite. Check out this Zagat-rated "top Italian restaurants in America" for a great Italian meal with authentic flavor and great ambiance.


    • kgb_boi
      kgb_boi Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Impossible to have a bad meal here.
      It is almost impossible to get a bad meal in Little Italy(Aka North End) because the real estate is so expensive(such is Boston) and noone can afford to sell bad food. My north end tradition is this, start around 3pm or 4pm. 1. Have drinks at one place. 2. Have dinner at another, after asking about each place. Look at the menu of the place you're drinking at. BUT come back again for tthat place. 3. After dinner instead of having desert there, go to Mike's Pastry and pick up an assortment of REAL well done Italian pastries and get a Mocha while there. Ristorante fiore is among my favorites. It is a big pricey but you will have more than enough. Bring friends.

    • BosGuy
      BosGuy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Dine al fresco from Fiore's patio or roofdeck
      The North End is hardly a gay-neighborhood but many who visit want to check out our "Little Italy". If you would like to have a lunch or dinner outside in the North End, I would recommend making reservations at Ristorante Fiore.